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We keep your Wheelie Bin

Let us do the dirty work for you. We eliminate bacteria, insects and very bad smells in your wheelie bin. We offer services at security estates, old age homes, complexes, shopping centres, malls, hospitals and clinics.

Why should you clean your Wheelie Bin?

In today's fast paced life, we often don't clean our wheelie bins due to time constraints, lack of resources or the mere fact that it's smelly and dirty. Wheelie Bins are a breeding ground for disease causing bacteria. If it's not properly cleaned it can attract vermin, pests, flies and cause a nasty smell resulting in a health hazard right outside your home.

Cross Contamination

If you don't clean your wheelie bin regularly it can become a host for bacteria and bugs including Salmonella, Listeria, E.Coli and many more.

Pests Investations

Keeping your bin clean is a great way to keep unwanted pests like wasps, rats, flies, mice, ants and cockroaches away.

Bin Damage

Growing bacteria can damage and even crack the plastic of your bin over time depending on the severity of the bacteria growth. 

About Us

The Wheelie Bin Guy is a Municipal wheelie bin cleaning company founded in 2020 by Mr. Mphoto Ishmael Mafolo a qualified Water and Sanitation Scientist/technician specialising in Project Management. The company was founded during the Covid-19 pandemic with a sole purpose of ensuring good hygiene is practiced in households by keeping the bins clean and limiting the spreading of the virus through touching of municipal bins handles without proper disinfection. The potential customers are households/business that are tired of dirty municipal bins with worms and terrible smell that is unavoidable. The company currently employs two people, a driver and an operator and aims to grow the team when the customer base eventually grows.


Normal household detergents and/bleach cannot effectively keep the municipal bins free from bacteria, that’s why we believe in our high water pressure disinfectant unit to keep your bins free from germs and possible spread of viruses.

Tailor Made Services

We offer various cleaning options including once a month bin cleaning, bi-weekly bin cleaning and weekly bin cleaning.

Awesome Service

Besides the intensive hygiene and project management skills our team possess, we are a consumer oriented company, not only ready to ensure cleanness of the bins, but also to keep our customers satisfied with the services we render.

We are affordable

The Wheelie Bin Guy is one of the cheapest wheelie bin cleaning companies in South Africa but not comprising the quality of services rendered. If you are not happy with the work done on your bin, we are happy to clean it again for free.


We are a reliant company that focuses on establishing long-term relationships with customers.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not happy with the work done on your bin, we are happy to clean it again for free.


Pricing that suits your pocket

We are affordable and offer wheelie bin clean, sanitize and disinfecting services from as little as R55 per wash or once a month  / bi-weekly for only R100.


Safeguard Your Bin

We don't only ensure your wheelie bins are clean, we also help protect your bin from theft and damage by returning the bins safely to your yard once it's cleaned.


Wheelie Bin Maintenance

Wheelie Bins are not cheap. To keep your wheelie bin in good condition, you need to keep your wheelie bin clean. 

Our Services

We offer our services at security estates, old age homes, complexes, shopping centres, malls, hospitals, clinics and etc.

Let us help you keep your wheelie bin clean and disinfected. All you need to do is sign-up for one of our packages by clicking on the sign-up button and completing the enquiry form with your selected package. 

When you are signed-up with us, we will mark the bin with our sticker (with your approval). Once the municipal waste collection services has emptied your bins, please ensure that we have access to your emptied bins. We will then wash, disinfect and sanitize the bins.

Wheelie Bin Cleaning

The Wheelie Bin Guy cleans the municipal wheelie bin with a high pressure water pipe that aims to remove stubborn stains and bacteria in stuck in the bin. 

Wheelie Bin Sanitizing

The water used for washing the bins is mixed with a disinfectant called PINESAN to improve the smell, kill bacteria and sanitize.

Municipal Wheelie Bin Sales & Repairs 

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Wheelie Bin Trailer Rentals

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We clean, disinfect and sanitize wheelie bins / municipal waste bins from as little as R55 per wash or once a month / bi-weekly for only R100. Contact us today for more information.

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Ishmael Mafolo
General Manager



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Westview Security Estate, Andeon, 0183

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We are currently servicing suburbs such as Andeon, Boysens and Kirkney. We are expending and will cater for the entire Pretoria soon.

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